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Ricca Products

Reagents is a distributor for
Ricca® Chemical Company.

Ricca's chemical testing solutions include:

  • AA Standards
  • AOCS Solutions
  • APHA Reagents
  • ASTM Solutions
  • EPA Solutions
  • ICP Standards
  • Indicators
  • Ion Chromatography Reagents
  • Ion Selective Electrode Reagents
  • Stains and dyes

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We are a Quality Assured organization
Our Mission is to supply quality chemicals and chemical solutions. We respond to the needs of our customers by providing them the products they want, when they want them, with efficient customer service. We maintain our commitment to customer satisfaction through continuous improvement. The quality of our products and quickness of our service are and will remain the keys to our success.

Reagents offers the greatest flexibility in fulfilling customer requirements now and in the future.