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710SPIRITS® Overview

710SPIRITS® is a product that was designed to alleviate the burden of Federal Excise Tax from the Ethanol herbal extraction industry while using only the highest-grade materials to maintain the absolute best end product. We saw a growing problem in the industry and found a solution.

Many extractors prefer to use pure ethanol for a variety of reasons including high yields, larger terpene counts, low impurities, and environmental considerations.  Pure ethanol is taxed heavily by the TTB as a byproduct of the days of prohibition.  While using pure Ethanol has been the preferred method, the tax implications greatly restrict production capabilities.

710SPIRITS® is an Ethanol formulation that can be used for herbal extraction with no Federal Excise Tax, no permitting, and no additional record keeping. 

710SPIRITS® is a blended product made with premium food/pharmaceutical quality 200 proof ethanol that has been denatured with a small amount of a High Purity industry standard solvent.  Because the material is completely denatured, TTB regulations relating to sale and use of pure Ethanol do not apply.

710SPIRITS® can therefore be purchased and used without paying Federal Excise, obtaining a permit, or additional record keeping requirements.

710SPIRITS® Quality and Performance

The n-Heptane used in 710SPIRITS® is extremely high purity with very low levels of other organic solvents, heavy metals, and impurities.  Blending this high purity n-Heptane with food/pharmaceutical grade Ethanol creates a solvent capable of producing an exceptionally clean, premium quality oil. 

710SPIRITS® performs much the same as pure Ethanol in cannabinoid extraction.  Several oil producers have successfully switched from pure Ethanol to 710SPIRITS® with only minor modifications to processes or procedures.  Additionally, these producers have reported producing oils that have no detectable residual solvents or heavy metals. 

Because Heptane has a higher boiling point than Ethanol, it may be necessary to heat the oil to a higher temperature and increase distillation times in order to completely remove the Heptane.

710SPIRITS® Temperature and Pressure

Let's say the desired boiling point is 33 degrees Celsius to avoid any degradation of terpenes and to reduce extraction time. What will the pressure look like?

Ø 710SPIRITS® follows same trend as other solvents

Ø Decrease in pressure decreases solvents' boiling point

Ø This is a general trend and not specific to any one extraction technique

710SPIRITS® with Cannabinoids

Hildebrand Solubility Parameters
Ø One way to examine solubility of compounds in different solvents
Ø Jerry W. King (SFE) - Extraction Science from Marijuana Business Convention (MJBizCon)
Ø Can calculate values with equation or find solubility tables online
Ø If the difference between the solvent and the desired solute is around 5.1 MPa½ the solute (extract/compound) will be miscible (soluble) in the solvent
Ø 710SPIRITS® and ethanol have similar solubility parameters

Based on this principle, 710SPIRITS® can be used in place of other solvents
Ø Make sure to consult your manufacturer for proper operational guidelines and procedures when switching solvents! 



 Solubility Parameters

Ø 710SPIRITS® has a similar solubility parameter to ethanol which makes it a suitable replacement for ethanol - lower costs!

Ø Waxes have a lower solubility parameter (16.36 MPa½) than ethanol (26.2 MPa½), which is why they precipitate out during winterization
Ø Precipitation of waxes during winterization is possible for 710SPIRITS® based on these parameters

Ø Major cannabinoids of interest such as THC, CBD, and Linalool, are within the range of solubility if using 710SPIRITS®

Ø Adjustments or different extraction techniques can be implemented using 710SPIRITS® in order to extract the compounds that are not within range
Ø e.g. change in pressures, temperatures, extraction system, time of extraction

Ø Profile of different terpenes and solvents regarding Hildebrand solubility parameters. 

Ø Everything above the "line of solubility" should be soluble in 710SPIRITS®. Everything below the line could precipitate out.

Ø Adjustments to extraction technique will be needed to obtain any desirable terpenes that are not soluble



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