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Cannabis Oil Extraction

The Cannabis market is growing and evolving daily.  Reagents offers a complete line of products to help support your changing needs.  Our products are manufactured using the highest quality raw materials ensuring consistent results.  Reagents' chemistry degree support staff is experienced in creating custom solutions to help minimize cost and risk within your laboratory.  

Our Certificate of Analysis (CofA) documents are provided with each batch to provide a detailed breakdown of the products that you are using in your lab.  

    Working with all of our strategic partnerships, we also can provide your laboratory supplies and equipment.  Our product offering includes Rotary Evaporators, Nitrile Gloves, Hotplates/Stirrers, Shakers, Laboratory Filtration, Glassware, and Plasticware. 

    We are also proud to introduce our new line of product  710 SPIRITS ® .   710 SPIRITS ®  is a solvent specifically designed to mimic the test results of Ethanol in Solvent Extraction while avoiding the federal excise tax that comes along with 190 and 200 Proof Ethanol. 

    710 SPIRITS ®  is blended with an industry approved solvent, making it undrinkable, but as easy as Ethanol to completely remove.  It leaves no taste, evaporates completely, and gives clean residue testing results at 98°C.  

    Learn More about 710 SPIRITS ® 

    Solvent Extraction

    Complete lines of Extraction Solvents are stocked at multiple warehouse facilities to ensure quick and painless deliveries:

    Top products for Oil Extraction include:

    Catalog No
    Product Description

    Ethyl Alcohol, 200 Proof USP/ACS

    55 GAL
    D1111900-55EEthyl Alcohol, 190 Proof USP/ACS55 GAL

    Isopropanol USP/EP

    55 GAL
    D359FCC0-55GalHexanes FCC Grade55 GAL

    Acetonitrile HPLC/Spectro

    4 L

    Methanol HPLC/Spectro

    4 L

    Water HPLC

    4 L

    Acetone HPLC/Spectro

    4 L

    Heptane (Normal) HPLC/Spectro

    4 L
    C2155500-4A Buffer Solution pH 4.0, Color-Coded Red4 L
    C2156000-4A Buffer Solution pH 7.0, Color-Coded Yellow4 L
    C2156500-4A Buffer Solution pH 10.0, Color-Colored Blue4 L

    Pentane (n-Pentane)

    4 L
    C1102500-4A Acetone ACS Reagent4 L

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